Sejadah, also known as prayer rug, is a small rug that is used by Muslims during their daily prayers as a clean and comfortable surface to kneel and prostrate on.
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The sejadah is typically rectangular in shape and made of materials such as cotton or wool. It often has a decorative design and may include an embroidered compass design, known as a qibla, to indicate the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, which is the direction that Muslims face during prayer.

Muslims use the sejadah as a clean and dedicated space for prayer, and it is often carried with them to mosques or other places of worship. It is also commonly used in homes, workplaces, and other settings where Muslims may need to perform their daily prayers.

The sejadah is an important symbol of Muslim identity and is considered a necessary item for daily worship. It is often seen as a reminder of the importance of prayer in Muslim life and is a symbol of the spiritual connection between the worshipper and Allah.